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The Lakeside Holiday Inn (Shanghai Hubing Jiari Jiudian) is located beside Henan Road Bridge and by the side of Suzhou River. Bustling Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street and Metro Line 2 station are within easy reach.

This Shanghai hotel houses a variety of room types and most rooms are completed with broadband internet access and cable TVs.

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住客评论 744条评论     4.1分/5分 更多
  • danaima
    Little, hard to find
  • a83789361
    July 2015 out tourism way Shanghai, just designed 'Lakeside holiday', hotel location absolute no said, I where of room just surface towards Suzhou River, vision is good, quiet; room very clean, especially by set of family room was is two between, adults room and child room has door separated, wants to have thoughtful, is is convenient. especially worth a mention is front desk King Mr (Manager) urgent we by urgent, wants to we by wants to, service quite thoughtful. breakfast farm rice health real., All., next to Shanghai, also went there.
  • WS seven
    Environment in General, hard to find
  • liangfs
    Hotel location naozhongqujing, outdated facilities, and health in General.
  • BEI127
    Overall, very nice, quiet, health
  • Emmawin
    It's not bad
  • com2000sg
    Was very close to the city centre, but old facilities
  • blyuyubin
    Room, the door is the Suzhou River, traffic is very convenient
  • blueberry685
    A little old, breakfast is cheating
  • e00002552
    This hotel no pictures see of atmosphere, really of, then waiter attitude bad, clearly put deposit to had has, because he of along the, last old monitoring only also of innocent Ah! then eat breakfast is most pit of, not said eat of content how's, is in where received breakfast paragraph of aunt of on special fierce, also has they himself of internal personnel, in inside Fox, dinner during, shouting, effect has many households, from here out shopping a shopping, are not far
  • eriv8
    Environment is good, the surrounding is very convenient shopping for dinner
  • ljpo2010
    Hotel parking place, Park Road 70/day, small room, facilities are very old
  • littlemermain
    Well, mainly from the Bund near, convenient
  • ARTEST96
    Very satisfied, are particularly good, is convenient for the Bund and Nanjing Road. the hotel good health, there is breakfast, next time will come.
  • cfamily
    Rooms are large, 2 room, that is good.
  • doudoucat
    Not far from the Bund and Nanjing Road, a 10-minute walk to easily. room was small, breakfast is poor, but the price is cheap, and overall is very good drops
  • dd20111001
    Hotel location is good. facilities clean, service is good. If going to Shanghai, will choose to live here.
  • corona
    Really good! from Nanjing Street! walking 10 minutes! is the Suzhou River on the side!
  • LeoDaisy
    You can still
  • sunba
    Mainly good location reasonable price! basic satisfaction!
  • agnes10
    Very bad!
  • eliang33
    Hotel location is not too hard to find, and the aircraft was late, one o'clock, front desk, and surroundings are quiet and do not know how the day, room was clean and tidy, space size was just right, overall it is possible
  • morgan_law
    Very satisfied with the Bund is very convenient
  • angrybird
    Has been are forget has to evaluation, hotel good. location is good, to which are convenient, is for steering of people, first times find some hard. hotel service attitude good. except tourism Qian phone Advisory when attitude is poor. overall is compared for staying of. I is November late to of. has had has several months's. This wants to biography points photos, but phone in a Zhang also no, even's.
  • jixianlang
    First, the location it not easy to find, but later found the location is very good, not far away from the Bund and Nanjing Road pedestrian street. Others only reluctantly. Health no, bathroom door, there was hair, pubic hair, such as foreign bodies. Linen wash so clean! Wired network is bad, cumbersome wireless authentication, and poor reception. Breakfast is very simple, a few dishes, but this is not the main, and the next day I went out to eat. InsurancePoor attitude of clean, bed was very reluctant, says they are all 3-day change. Finally repeated requests began to change, but still kept to himself, not knowing what the Shanghai dialect, always suspected she was swearing, it's uncomfortable. Go to another room, care is bad, just replace the towels, toilet papers. floor and pools are not clear. All in all, if you don't have high health and environmental requirements, but I want to find a hotel near the Bund,To select here.
  • pamela9559
    Also, the bed is quite small, but the Metro station is close, convenient
  • e03732687
    It's OK
  • malamami
    Service is very good, is the room slightly small
  • ruoyuan
    Surroundings of the room also good, complete facilities, as well as breakfast. WIFI is the most inadequate even to the staff attitude ... but overall was satisfactory, the room is not too narrow.
  • winddog
    Hotel is located near the Bund, Nanjing Road and the garden bridge is very convenient, good environment, good service, very caring, and super helpful.
  • janna515
    So so
  • ambergenius
    Old room furniture, bed is hostel standard.
  • lcy8599
    Pretty good
  • Evilcat
    Close to the pedestrian street of Nanjing Road, the Bund, health, networking good, and breakfast
  • lingcai_jiang
    Do not send pictures ... Remember the start evaluation, evaluating me yet again ... A word bad! but better ... Other is a complete mess, small rooms, poor service ... Network no, television screen, was at the front desk (explosive arrogance) this death will not come ... Bed is full of ash at the end of a wave of sour! don't bird ... Attest! lie dead family! a word sucks!
  • Envy11
    Always will love it! really very good
  • dastan
    Don't like the Hotel? living room is not even the networks, and we went to the lobby, front desk service is also not
  • bailandi2000
    It's not bad
  • liuliululu9804
    A little effort, when looking for a little, turned out nice, very close to the Line 2 line, from the Nanjing Road pedestrian street, very close to the Bund, and very quiet, the room was clean, air conditioning is the most powerful, and around that is great, breakfast is so-so!
  • tana0523
    Location not far from Nanjing Road, said naozhongqujing. Although hotel a bit crude, breakfast can also be. breakfast was really bad ... but the price is not too high, because the location OK.
  • e00788792
    Which is very nice
  • m02522991
    Environmental facilities are very general, very general, not bad money open to other hotels.
  • yiluxun
    Environment is good tourism
  • miaoyujia
    Very close to the Bund, Nanjing East Road, room with a window also, really good. Pity that the waiter inform only the first floor have WIFI, network of other joint and several routes are not, is not easy. Midnight upstairs also has WIFI, but slowly
  • jin225
    Good location, breakfast is healthy.
    Hotel location is very good, convenient travel.
  • davidouc
    Overall very satisfied. twin beds a bit small. other very good. bund. environment is good also
  • lioncel
    Near the coat, and Nanjing Road pedestrian street, very convenient.
  • ming_mao
    Ideally, health, services.
  • e04953276
    Health, the traffic is good. it's too cold in the room, open air conditioning not working, called the staff at the front desk looked at it still doesn't work, spent the night cold, didn't dare take a bath because it was too cold.